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But if you can still dreamClose your eyes it will seemThat you can see me now and then

But if you can still dream
Close your eyes it will seem
That you can see me now and then

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"And he did say I should explore…”

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HEY KIDDIES im trying to save up for a few cons coming up in the next year, the biggest of which being san diego comic con and no one likes to have teenagers working for them apparently so im opening up commissions.

Theres currently no limit on how many ill take cause i dont imagine ill get too many at a time anyway and i will draw non-ponies too but not humans right now. Also, currently no NSFW either. If you want more than one character in the pic, just add half of the current price on for it.

If you’re interested, message me here! Also, for everyone else, a signal boost would be greatly appreciated.

( my paypal is )

((working on update but meanwhile buy my art im poor))

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"It can’t be…!"

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That is most definitely not my hand

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